Can't Sign In to Developer Workspace - #1377126


Just got a Smart Fridge and was interesting in developing around it. I had a SmartThings hub in the past and had my Samsung account for a while, but I sold everything smart a few years ago. I still have access to the old Groovy IDE, but when I try to login to the new Developer Workspace, I get this error:

Yes, it’s been over 7 days. Maybe a month now.

For what it’s worth, Samsung support said it’s out of their scope and directed me to the forums to hopefully talk to a Developer:

Any ideas?

I did not disclose my email or other personal information, but will be happy to do so when contacted by a Samsung developer.

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Helvio!

Please, send an email to sharing the email account you’re trying to register, we need it to create a report for the corresponding team to help us out.

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Just did that, thank you! - #1377126