Deleting a project fails in Developer Workspace

I was testing a ‘Schema Connector’ in ‘SmartThings Developer Workspace’(=DevWS)

I accidentally deleted the viper endpoint app with the smartthings CLI with the following command,

$ smartthings schema:delete 1

which made the project in the DevWS orphan.
This was my mistake.

But the problem is,
I coudn’t remove the orphan ‘schema connector’ project in the DevWS.
When I try to delete the project, it throws the error message as below, and never gets deleted.

I hope orphan ‘schema connector’ project could be deleted in DevWS, even if the endpoint app does not exist.

Thank you.

@nayelyz can probably help you with this.

Hi, @iquix.
Please send an email to requesting the project deletion with the following info:

  • Organization MNID (if exists)
  • App ID (eg. viper_xxx-xxx-xxx)

Thanks, @Andremain !