Detect Unreachable Hue Bulb

So here is the rub…

I have a hue bulb in a spot controlled by a regular switch. In another location I have a hue bulb that is always hot. So it is only controlled by ST or the Hue app. So What I am trying to figure out how to do is detect when the hue bulb connected to the switch is turned off. It technacally becomes unreachable. And then again when the bulb gets power. If I can detect that the I tell the other bulb what to do.

Any ideas?

You might be able to use the $status variable to check the state. Look in the IDE to see what values you need to look for when it’s offline/online and then you can build your piston from there.

Perhaps webcore can do this. Have it trigger any time the bulb is in a state other than ‘on’ or ‘off’. Include all other states such as ‘unknown’.

Yeah I think this has no chance of working. Even though you can detect when the bulb becomes unavailable ST doesnt update fast enough when it checks the hub. So there is a huge delay.

On to the next idea I guess.