Question about smart lights

I currently have a Hue and I have quite a few bulbs for it. The one thing I absolutely hate about the smarthings integration is that the app does not show if the bulb is on or off. Meaning, if I physically shut the light off with a switch, the app does not indicate this.

My question is this: Is this a limitation with the hue bulbs? Would another manufacturer such as Cree work the way I think it should work? Have I set something up wrong with the hue hub?

I appreciate the help!

It should update. But it might require enabling polling.

Any of the smart bulbs paired directly have an issue with sync as well. If power is cut to the bulb st doesn’t know it is off, it just knows it fell of the mesh.

On power restore, the bulbs turn on, but ST doesn’t update this status always. Especially if ST thought the light was off.

Wish there was a join action we could subscribe to. That way we could get the current state of the bulb when it is found again.

Maybe someday.

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In general, this is a limitation of smart bulbs. When power is cut, they just disappear from the mesh. There isn’t constant communication, so the controller won’t know unless a command is sent and even then, it’s common for these mesh devices to drop off and on. It’s just not in the design. I know one user on here tried to write a SmartApp that checked for unresponsive bulbs to capture this, but it’s not an easy problem to solve.