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Just go to a condition where you can select Variables … it’ll be in the drop-down list with the other system variables.

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Yeah, I don’t recall (my mind is a bit fuzzy at the moment :grinning: — lack of sleep) seeing anything pertaining to errors either… but who knows, Adrian may have slipped stuff passed us, LOL


LOL The voice announcing the warning, not barking like a dog. I’d like to set the nag to warn of the outside conditions when they are, lets say 10 degrees hotter and humidity 10 points higher.

Would I do something like capture the current temp as a variable and add 10? I’m somewhat clueless on setting variables. Most of my piston are limited to IFTTT, but I’m learning. (slowly)

This is cool, can you give us the green camera codes so we can import them as well?

Here’s a poor man’s dryer monitor.
Our dryer is electric and I didn’t want to spend money on the clamp style energy monitor for the 230V circuit so I used a spare Visonic door/window sensor which happens to have a temperature sensor built into it. The sensor is just stuck with its included double stick tape to the dryer vent. I’m not actually using the door sensor part at all so any temperature sensor you can stick to the vent should work.

The basic operation is it checks when the temperature changes if it has increased more than 10 degrees within the last hour. That indicates if the vent tube is hot and not just because the temperature in the basement increased slowly over time. This sets a variable indicating the dryer is currently running and then it begins monitoring for the temperature to drop 6 degrees. When that happens it clears the variable and sends a push notification.
This has been working reliably for us for the last month. Your setup might require some adjustment to the temperature differentials. The Visonic doesn’t report temperature all that quickly so if you use a real temperature sensor you might get a faster response.



Here you go…

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A simple piston that locks the door at 8:00pm and then re-locks it after 4 minutes between 8pm-8am.

@elf - I tried using the next run variable in the piston state, but it’s not working for me. I must be doing something wrong.
Maybe someone will be able to spot my error? Here is my piston:

And at the same time, could someone perhaps explain why this part of the piston is not working correctly - if the lights are already off, they are turned on to do the fade:

Thanks you guys.

Are you asking for help or showing a piston that doesn’t work.
Reason I’m asking is in the title of the thread.
This thread is for people to share with others pistons they are using for their home automation.
If it’s the former it might be best to post this on the webCoRE assistance thread.

I added ST Monitor to the Security Piston you created below if you wanted it. I don’t have a lock so I removed that to fit my own needs.

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Anyone have a good doorbell notification piston (SMS, flash lights, etc)?

I plan on making one myself, haven’t gotten around to it yet but will share once I create one.

Has anyone come up with a piston to refresh piston states?

If your piston states aren’t updating then you just need to rework the part of the piston that sets it

WHere do I enter the number for the Push Message to be sent? Do I need to set the initial value for @dryerIsRunning?

Now that it’s Summer, Are your kids watching too much TV while you’re away and not doing enough chores/laundry?

Require laundry to run at least 10 minutes before TV access is granted (ie: TV outlet is turned on) in the morning. TV turns off and reward time is reset to 0 at 12:10am daily.
Grant 30 minutes of additional TV time if the laundry has been running again for at least 10 minutes. Repeat for each time the laundry is run.
Turn TV outlet turns off if it has been in use beyond your threshold (2.5 hours in my version; 150 minutes) + rewarded time.

Configure most settings in the define section.
Change out Outlet 3 with your TV’s outlet/energy monitor.
Change out Unknown Device 1 with your speech device.
Change out Outlet 5 with your chore outlet/energy monitor (ie: washing machine)

(updated 7/3/2017)


This will work long enough until your kids realize All they have to do is unplug the smart plug!!!.

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Push Message doesn’t require a phone number, it sends a push notification to every device attached to this particular hub (in my case, both mine and my wife’s phones). You could change it to SMS message and enter a specific phone number if you only want one phone to get the message.
You do want to create @dryerIsRunning as a Boolean variable with an initial value of False. But don’t do it inside the piston, if set that way it’ll overwrite itself to False every time the piston executes. Add it from the variables list on the right side of the edit window (+ add a new global variable).

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Thanks I had @dryerIsRunning as dynamic. I switched it to boolean, set the value to false and still not working. I’m getting this error
Error calling comparison comp_is_after: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+null