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Here’s what I did

Does anyone have an example piston that uses fuel streams?

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Here is one I use to capture outside temperature, humidity, and rain.

Moving this post over to the Help page rather than the Example may get you a quicker response.

Also, watch the IDE for a line number that @ady624 can use to track the error down.

Does anyone have a nice piston which can use a Sonos player (radio channel) and Hue lights in a wake up?

In an effort to inspire, give back or otherwise help people, here are some random working pistons. Thanks to @ady624, @eibyer, @tonesto7 and many others for your help.

This one randomly changes the colors of my garden spots


My piston for away mode.

Have created lots of other pistons for various things to happen while home is in away mode.

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Piston for home mode (hello I’m home) I want doughnuts and beer


This one turns on my outside LIFX lights in October for Halloween

This one refreshes my harmony hub and my wifi thermostat.

This one closes my garage if I left it open for 5 or more minutes, but only if my wife is not home or I turned on a virtual switch to disable the piston if I’m mowing the lawn and want the garage door to stay open past 5 minutes.


This one does a bunch of stuff when i say “alexa, turn on couch potato.”

We hang clothes on drying racks and turn on fans to dry. (Yes, the dryer is our enemy). This piston turns them off after 6 hours. only notifies when they turn off if mode is home or away; not night.

Minimote button assignments for LIFX scenes.

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Piston that tells me that temp in living room and wifi thermostat are equal (desired cooling or heating temp achieved)

Modified version of @tonesto7 washer and dryer piston (only washer for me)

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I have an Osram Lighifty strip on the back of my TV. This piston turns it on certain colors for certain harmony activities.

Night mode piston with LIFX scenes activated for my outside lights to annoy my neighbors after 10pm.

I encourage this thread to keep growing. Even if they are really simple pistons, please keep sharing.!!