webCoRE - Piston help / do these already exist?

Hi Guys,

I’m probably just being lazy but I’ve had a quick look to no avail. I am capable of writing these but I was wondering if either something already exists, or someone who knows the syntax off the top of their head could knock these up in a few mins.

Here’s some pseudo code for what I want to achieve…

On Motion Detect

Only trigger if > 5 mins since last trigger 

send push notification

If Home mode
   Change mood lighting to Green and turn on 100%, then revert back to previous state after 1 min
   Flash decking lights on/off 2Hz then revert back to previous state after 30 sec
   If dark
       set front light to 100% brighness, revert back to 40% after 5 min
Else night/away mode
   if dark
   	  set front light to 100% brightness and turn on, turn off after 5 min
   	  if away mode
   	      wait 5 seconds, turn on hallway light 100%, turn off after 5 mins
   	      wait 10 seconds, turn on diningroom light 100%, turn off after 5 mins

Thanks in advance!

Well I’ve more or less cracked it. I didn’t realise it was point and click for a start, I just thought it was a text editor, so the syntax is completely self-explanatory, although it is a little slow to work with. I do have a few questions if anyone can help…

  1. Is there a way to just edit the text or does it all have to be done via the point and click interface?
  2. Drag and drop seems really buggy, is there a better way?
  3. Can you rename a piston you’ve already created?
  4. Is there a simpler way of temporarily changing the state of a device. Say you want to set the colour/level to something then have it revert back to whatever state it was in. I’ve been storing everything to variables and restoring from these but it seems a bit clunky.
  5. What’s the best way of event throttling? So a motion event only fires once in 5mins.
  6. Is there a way to get an image from a URL at the point in time an event fires, then show this image to the user when they view the push notification, or view the events retrospectively on the dashboard?

CoRE was given its own sub-category in the forum a few months ago. So I moved your post there, might help you connect with the right people that can answer your questions.