[DEPRECATED] Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave Device Handler

which SmartThings app are you using? and have you updated the device handler lately? There was a polling issue with an earlier version.

I am using Version 2.17.0, Build Number 448328. I installed the device handler a couple of weeks ago - was there an update since?

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated!

ok, so Classic app and that should be the most recent version of the DTH. If you open live logging in the IDE, do you see a “Polling thermostat for updates” entry every 5 minutes?

You could reduce the polling time to a minimum of 2 minutes i believe.

I think I might see something weird too. Is the actual temperate not updating for you or is it the setpoint temperature?

I am waiting at the moment to see if I see a polling entry in the logs - it’s the setpoint temperature that is not updating. The one thing that I always found kind of odd is that the humidity however updates VERY frequent, sometimes multiple times a minute if it flip flops between a full percentage…


Yes, seeing the polling happening every 5 minutes. Actually, in the last one there were two entries for it at the same time, not sure if that has anything to say.

On another note, I see an entry with:

3:26:29 PM: debug unknown setpointType 0

in there as well…

that would be a problem. in the IDE device page, what does your current states section look like?

Here is a screenshot:


Thanks for this. It installed fine. However, despite all settings in degrees F, the vertical axis of temperature graph shows in degrees C, Any thoughts?
Al;so is there any way to set schedule for thermostat as this feature is turned off on thermostat when connected to a Z-Wave network
David S

Hmm, it should use your system wide setting.

Hi, @Automated_House

Thanks for this DH. Works great. I have one issue - When I use webcore to change the heating/cooling setpoint to a specific temperature, it doesn’t actually show the change until the next poll (every 5 minutes). How do you recommend I handle this? I see your function alterSetpoint sends a setpoint event, which seems to solve the problem. Should I add a function to your DH that calls alterSetpoint? Or is there a better way to get the base device functions working without polling?

Edit: I now see your functions setHeatingSetpoint and setCoolingSetpoint. They don’t seem to update the UI immediately like the alterSetpoint function does. Is this just a UI delay? I’m not at home, so I can’t check for sure if the changes are being sent immediately and it’s only the UI that updates on polling…

It’s been forever since I’ve used this thermostat, but fromwhat I remember, the setting updates immediately. It’s only the UI that takes the 5 minute refresh.

Is there a device handler version for the wifi T6 stat?

No. You should be able to add it using the Honeywell brand, though.

Yeah, I’ve done that but the stat monitors the auxiliary sensor (in this case an outdoor sensor) and the Lyric handler doesn’t show it in ST. It shows up in the API List Events listing so I assume its available. I was trying to find the original handler code so I could add a tile for the ‘outsideTemperature’ value. Any suggestions on how to go about doing that?

Hi prjct92eh2
I have Wifi version of the T6 Pro thermostat. Do you have or know of a smart app for the wifi version? Mine works find in ST as is but the stat has an outdoor temperature and used to show up in the Classic ST but is not showing in the New ST. Any suggestions as to how to proceed? I’m not really much of a ST programmer so I’m hoping I can find something like your Honeywell T6 for wifi that I can add a tile and currentstate for the sensor.

Wifi integrations are handled y the device manufacturer. Your best bet is to contact Honeywell and request that information be added to the SmartThings integration.

This one didn’t work for me. I have the Honeywell T6 Zwave. Installed it twice but no luck. Is it still working?

SmartThings added the T6 Pro to a standard DTH. Use the standard “Z-Wave Battery Thermostat” device type.

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You can use this device handler. It has support for the T6 Pro including advanced features like enabling Auto switch over mode, deadband configuration, humidity reporting and more. You can find details about it on the first post