[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

I wanted to let everyone know, with the release of version 4.5 you will have the ability to control your EchoSistant profiles using the new “native Alexa routines”.

As everyone is aware of, you will be able to get feedback and have control of your system via Alexa without using an invocation.

To accomplish this you will need to create a virtual switch, or use any switch in your system to act as the trigger for EchoSistant. You will create an Alexa routine that activates your virtual switch. You use that same switch in your EchoSistant profile.

This is an example that I have been using in my home.

Virtual switch - goodnight button

  • Alexa routine - when I say, “Alexa, goodnight” the routine runs and activates the goodnight button.
  • EchoSistant profile uses the goodnight button activation as the trigger to execute. This changes the mode in my home to sleep, which in turn activates multiple other automations.

Please note that your responses in the EchoSistant profiles will not be played back to you in the echo device you speak to. You will need ST connected speakers for that.

Also, I am not including the ability to create virtual switches into EchoSistant. I have two reasons for this,

  • there are multiple apps available for that already
  • and if you use those apps and create a multitude of switches, if you are ever forced to remove that app, all of the switches it created will “(edited for clarity) need to be disassociated from all automations.” This could essentially cripple your system drastically.

I highly recommend that you manually create your switches in the ST Ide.

Thank you,
The ES team

I forgot to mention, with this release you will be able to control automations with the Alexa routines at two different levels of control. This will be easier to show you than explain!

Edit - thank you @MichaelS for informing me that my statement was not clear. Much appreciated.


Great - the next questions are - When and How?

Thanks ES Team!

Version 4.5 is coming in the next couple of days


Quick update…

I’m in the process of bringing the Wiki up to date. Once I have that done I will release the new code for Version 4.5


this update is going to fix my speakers right? lol

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Read all directions BEFORE updating

We are pleased to announce the release of EchoSistant Version 4.5.

This update requires a complete rebuild of your EchoSistant environment. Think carefully before you run any updates. You MUST delete all of your current profiles BEFORE updating.

What’s New?

  • Updated Wiki EchoSistant Wiki
  • Main intent Shortcuts
  • Profile Shortcuts
  • Integration with Native Alexa Routines
  • Task Trackers
  • Enhanced Rooms control
  • Enhanced Rooms feedback
  • and many other improvements!

What’s Gone?

  • Security Suite Profiles has been replaced with the stand alone app Keypad Coordinator
  • Reminders has been replaced with the stand alone app RemindR

How to Upgrade (follow these steps in order)

  • In the SmartThings Mobile App:
    • Remove all current profiles from EchoSistant, except for the notifications profiles.
  • In the SmartThings IDE:
    • Update the EchoSistant App in your IDE
    • Install the Shortcuts App in your IDE
    • Update the Profiles App in your IDE
    • Update the Notifications App in your IDE
  • In the Amazon Lambda site:
    • Update the Lambda Function
  • In the AWS Skills site:
    • Update the Main Intent Skill Schema, Utterances, and Custom Slots
    • It is recommended that you delete ALL of your Profiles skills at this time. While this is not required, it will give you the best results. The new skills are much easier to create.
    • Update all Profile Skills with the new Intent Schema. Follow the WIKI directions on how to create the new Profiles Skills.

Now, go into the EchoSistant smartapp and reconfigure your Profiles.

Please let us know what you think, good or bad. Also let us know if you have any problems or find any bugs.

You have the option to NOT upgrade to Version 4.5. Version 5 is in development but does NOT have a projected release date at this time.

We hope you enjoy the app!


Got this far

Good morning Joe.
Make sure when you go to the github that you click on RAW, then copy everything.

I’m updating the links to take you directly to the RAW data

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Yup i was sure to click raw first. On a cell phone but should be fine right

Select all copy and paste from that raw screen

Yes, from the raw screen and you should be fine.

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I don’t recommend using a mobile browser to copy/paste code


The error I posted is what I get every time. I’ve only done it the raw way

That’s what I was wondering. First time trying the copy paste way, always done the Github integration.

Maybe the clipboard on Android is changing the format of the text. I just verified on my pc that the code is valid when copied to IDE

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Ok thanks, won’t have access to a pc for awhile. I’ll try another browser since that’s about all I can do

Chrome won’t even paste so lol. Wait until I get home sigh lol. 5 days

I verified it again this morning as well. It must be the phone. You can update via github integration as well. But you are probably going to have triple with the aws and lambda on your phone.

I highly recommend you do this on your computer.

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Which do I choose in integration, so many. Nothing in obsolete because I’ve never installed before right

Echosistant.groovy I suppose haha