[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

Take a look at one of the changes coming to EchoSistant!

I have Alexa say welcome “X” home when a presence sensor arrive and the entry door is opened and there is motion in the room. That’s easy enough and done. What I really like it to do is pick from a list of random welcome home responses. Is this possible?

For Alexa to pick a random response? Random responses are not enabled, but they are fairly easy to implement :smile:


Yes. I created a profiled called living room. As your suggestion. I take out wemo switch form the lights group and create a custom group called camera and take this switch into it. Yes. I can turn off the lights without the wemo off now. Thanks.

But for the feedback status,
Me: Alexa, ask home. what’s lights are on.
Alexa: There is one light on , would you like to know which one?
Me: Yes.
Alexa: There are one light on, camera.

It seem wemo is still counted as lights device.


That is unfortunately a limitation of current EchoSistant version. The feedback is done at global level not at profile level. This will change with upcoming new version…

Future EchoSistant version will enable Alexa to schedule reminders like no other voice assistant can, using free text and an innovative voice model. You can get a head start on helping us focus on what features are most important to you.

Please take a moment and tell us what feature you would like to see in the next version of EchoSistant :smile:

What should I be saying to change the colour of a RGBW bulb? I’m having no luck.
All I’m getting is I heard the device named “device” but wasn’t able to provide feedback. Or I get “I heard the command change and $%^( but I wasn’t able to take any actions.”
Other commands work on the bulbs. e.g. on, off, set level, brighten, dim

Computer change kitchen color 1 to purple:

did you choose those bulbs in the “color bulbs” section?
It’s ok to select devices in multiple locations

Don’t have a colored bulb section under Main home control - Select Devices.

There is no colored bulb section in the Main, sorry for the confusion. Please make sure your bulb is selected as a “switch” in the main app and, very important make sure you have all of the slots and utterance files on the Amazon side updated. I just tested one of my bulbs, and I cannot replicate.

Sorry bout that… I was thinking about the profiles…

Slots and utterances are there. The bulbs will do everything through Echosistant except change color.

What do you say to change your bulbs?

I am saying
Alexa tell my Home to change the device to blue…


I tried Alexa tell my home to change device to color blue and it failed…

Also, keep in mind that Main app has a limited number of colors. For dozens of colors, and a much ‘colorful’ experience, try using a Profile.

This will change soon, very soon (Main and Profile will be able to change the same colors).

Just told the Kitchen to change the color to Tomato and all bulbs responded as they should. Individual bulbs have been hit and miss and definitely don’t like Chartreuse or Tomato. Thanks for the input. Looking forward to the next evolution.

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It’s amazing… If you like EchoSistant… you’re going to not have words for the next version!


Well…that would be an unfortunate occurrence for the user of a speech recognition application.



What he meant, is that you will run out of words trying to confuse Alexa, because any command you are giving, would be executed, right @bamarayne. Correct me if I am wrong :smile:


I was really going for a… You’ll be so amazed that you’ll be speechless!!

But yeah, what @SBDOBRESCU said… I meant that too.


Guess it’s time for that ASL to text module to be implemented

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