Deploy to Test not working as per the documentation

Hi folks,

I’m developing an automation. I followed the Test Your Device documentation and done the following:

  1. Enabled developer mode in the SmartThings app (and restart the app).
  2. Clicked the “Deploy to test” button.

When I navigate to the “Developer Mode” section of the developer workspace it says the following:

This SmartApp is deployed to test . You should be able to see this SmartApp on your SmartThings app once the developer mode is enabled.

But despite searching for it I can’t find my automation in the SmartThings app anywhere.

There is a section of the docs which talks about getting an onboarding profile

After deploying to test, you will be prompted to download an onboarding profile and inject it into your test device.

I didn’t receive any such prompt.

I’m finding myself trusting the docs less and less as time goes on. Super grateful if someone could help me understand what is going wrong here.

Many thanks,


I’m still stuck on this, can anyone provide some guidance? @nayelyz perhaps?

Hi! Thank you for tagging me.

Did you develop a Simple SmartApp or SmartApp Connector (to create devices)?
If the first, you need to go to Automations > Add (+) > Create a Routine > Discover, and, scroll down until you find the “SmartApps” section.
If the second, you need to go to Add device > Scroll down and select the “By device type” tab > Click on “my testing devices” > find your SmartApp Connector

Sorry about this, this happens for direct-connected integrations, I’ll open a report to add a note there and improve this section.

Hi @nayelyz , thanks for the prompt reply.

I thought what I was developing was called an “automation”, but based on what you’ve said I found it in the “Create a Routine” dialog, so it sounds like the correct terminology for it is in fact a “SmartApp Connector”?

I feel like I’m perhaps following the wrong pages in the documentation, is the step to search through the “Create a Routine” dialog documented anywhere?

Many thanks,


Aha, I think I’ve found it, I was following the Test your Device page, but there’s also a Test your Connected Service page.

In retrospect I think some of my confusion has come from the terminology used in the nav bar. It contains a “Connected Services” section, but then most of the content jumps straight in to talking about “SmartApps”:

Perhaps its just me but I think it would be really helpful if the documentation articulated what the difference is between the 2 things and how they relate to one another. Or if there’s no difference then perhaps pick one term and use it throughout the documentation.

Many thanks,


The SmartApp Connector is mainly used to integrate a Cloud-Connected device.
A Simple SmartApp is where you select devices to create automation by defining subscriptions, schedules, etc.

Can you clarify what two things you mean? Connected Services vs. SmartApps or SmartApps vs. SmartApp Connector

@nayelyz , sorry when I said “between the 2 things” I was referring to “Connected Services” and “SmartApps”. The documentation uses a lot of terminology which is specific to the SmartThings ecosystem, but I think I’m struggling as I don’t understand purpose of each discrete thing in the SmartThings ecosystem and the distinctions between them etc.

Thanks for your help!