SmartApp not listed in Create Routine

  1. I created the App in the SmartThings Developer workspace which shows
    *Ready to be Tested in Developer Mode *
  • This SmartApp is deployed to test. You should be able to see this *
  • SmartApp on your SmartThings app once the developer mode is enabled.*
  1. I’ve enabled the Developer Mode button on my SmartThings app and closed and opened SmartThings again and even logged out then back in to the app. I’ve tried this on my iPhone 13 and also an Android tablet.

  2. When I select Create Routine on either of my devices there is no Discover tab to be found as instructed below

## Test Your Connected Service With the SmartThings App#

After creating your Connected Service, registering and deploying to test in Developer Workspace, you are ready to test with the SmartThings app.

In the Developer Workspace Test menu, click Live Logging to access a live capture of events from your Service. Use live logging as a companion tool to learn more about the behaviors of your Service and to help troubleshoot issues, using the error messages included in generated events.

To test with the SmartThings app:

1. Launch the SmartThings app. Your SmartThings app and Developer Workspace must be signed into the same account.
2. Navigate to the Automations tab, tap +, and tap Add routine.

If you have your company’s Manufacture ID (MNID), you can install any Services your company has deployed.

Your SmartApp will be listed near the bottom in the the Discover tab that appears after selecting Add routine.

I contacted SmartThings Support and they said it was a Developer issue. Anyone out there have an ideas?

That was true once, even though it was a little daft. However a couple of things have changed.

Firstly, quite some time ago the verbs used in the app were tidied up a little so if something doesn’t exist you now Create it, rather than Add it.

Secondly, relatively recently the Discover tab was moved to a more sensible place. If you look on the Automation tab the icon to the right of the ‘+’ is meant to represent a compass, and you now use that to open the Discover tab. It isn’t an association I’d make but at least it is in a less ridiculous location in the app.