Deleted Smart Lighting still executes


I have a STV3 Hub. I’ve used SmartApp Smartlighting to turn on many lights at sunset in my home when I am away from on vacation. I came home a few days ago from vacation and attempted to delete the Smart Lighting routine, called Vacation, from the new app and it crashed.

I was able to delete the routing from the SmartThings UI, but I’ve noticed that the lights still come on at sunset. I looked in the IDE for the routine under my Hub SmartApp, it is not there, yet others are, I looked in the history on the new app and I can see the lights turn on, but no named routine turning them on. I looked the classic app, same thing.

Sounds like I have a Ghost Routine or Automation. How can I locate them and delete them?

thank you in advance.

Not the answer you are looking for but…
The same thing happened to me.

I contacted SmartThings support and after several emails and phone calls, they couldn’t figure it out so they gave up (meaning: they never called or emailed again even though the issue wasn’t resolved).

My solution: factory reset the hub and start from scratch. Extremely painful.
I hope you have better luck.

Ugh, hearing about so many incidents like this. Really dreading having to move from the classic app… Hope someone on here can help so you don’t need to factory reset

Called support yesterday. They told me to delete the Smart Lighting App and re-add. No luck, Ghost Automations still fired last night… Will call back today and see what they say next and keep this thread posted.

Is there any chance at some point you set the lights themselves to have their own routine - some devices, especially ones from other systems - can have their automations set in various different ways. So many different places to check, it’s possible to miss some.

@Inge_Jones - thought that, but only Smart Lighting has the ability to do it at Sunset. The standard routines in the Smartthings App don’t have Sunset as an option.

You might try removing the lights from ST and add them back. Removing them should also remove them from any automations/routines/rules. Less extreme than resetting a hub for sure. You can try removing one or two to see if it stops for those. If successful, continue with the remaining lights.

Good Tip. I’ll try that and report back.

@jkp - thanks for the tip.

Looks fixed now. I removed and re-added the Z-wave switches that were turning on with the deleted Smart Lighting routine.

Thanks all!