Device follows Smart Lights app routines after being deleted from app

Using the Smart Lights App and running 2 different routines, I’ve a Sengled Element Classic light bulb that continues to follow the routines, even after being deleted from the routines. These routines control other lighting devices. When I’m away for a period of time, I add this bulb to these lighting routines, then when I return, it’s removed for the routines. This time however, after returning and removing the bulb from the routines, the bulb continues to follow the routines. I’ve looked in the IDE and confirmed that the Smart Light App is sending the commands to the bulb. I’m running the Classic SmartThings App, with a V2 hub. Also the bulb is a ZigBee device running as a local device. Other than completely deleting and rebuilding the 2 routines, are there any suggestions on how to correct this problem.

Have you opened the Smart Lighting app and looked at your Automations that you set up? I am a little confused if you are using Routines or Smart Lighting.

I’ve two different routines being run by the Smart Lighting app. One routine turns the lights on at sunset under the conditions; home or away, while the other routine turns the lights on at 12:01am under the away condition. The bulb in question has been removed from both of these routines.

If you look under the Recently tab for that bulb, it should show you what is controlling it. In addition, if you click on the smartapps tab for the bulb device, it will show you all routines or smart lighting automations that bulb is associated with. You can click on them to open and edit if needed.

Thanks for the comments, but I’ve been there already. I confirmed in IDE that the specific Smart Lights routines were sending the commands and I also confirmed that I’d already deleted the device / bulb from the routines. For 2 relatively simple routines, I think I’ll delete them and rebuild. Thanks for looking.