Deleted My Hub - Total Disaster :(

Okay, so troubleshooting one of my difficult switches I accidentally went into my Smart hub looking for tools and instead of going into exclusion mode I deleted the hub.

O…M…G … Hundreds of devices, years of routines and programming gone in a second. Insult to injury, I appeared to not be able to add the hub back because I’ve long lost the little code that came with it.

Am as screwed as I think I am here?


You can contact ST support to request a new Welcome code or tagging @nayelyz :slight_smile:

Also, open the battery compartment to check if the code was printed on the inside of the cover


Nothing inside the battery cover, I already looked. I tried the “ask for help” option in the app - and it took me to a dead website. Site not found. :frowning:

in the app, tap on Menu > select Contact us > ask questions > Something else
or if in US, you can use Call us

but not surprised if you got Site not found.

they will need the serial number of your hub (do not post on this forum) except in a DM to @nayelyz when she requests it :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen this issue posted a few times. ST’s should really have a “are you sure?” prompt a few times before it allows this to happen. It shouldn’t be one click to delete your entire system. I’ve almost hit that a couple of times and realized I was in the hub view not devices. Also, another peeve of mine is hitting the back button too many times in the app and then ST’s closed. I have multiple other apps that warn, “do you want to exit the app?” before closing. I know these are annoyances, but if I deleted my hub by accident, I would be quite unhappy.


Hi, @jeff1

As @jkp mentioned, I can help you get the Welcome/Claim Code if you provide the serial number of your hub, please.
About the incident, did you see the confirmation pop-up with the warning saying something like “this action will delete all your devices”?

Yea I saw the popups, but honestly normally I blow through screens so fast when I’m troubleshooting I just missed that I wasn’t deleting a device, I was deleting the actual hub. I’m not implying that this is anyone fault by my own. That said. . . .flashing red. . .bold. . . multiple verifications. I’d include a re-auth event even for something so serious. Just my .02.

Thanks for the feedback. I ask just because some mentioned they didn’t see it but it might be due to the quickness of their actions.
We already provided feedback to the engineering team about this kind of case and we’ll add yours to that report.
Please, let me know if you need help with the Welcome Code.


Thanks so much, I will be up at the house tomorrow. I will grab the serial number and send it to you. Thx!

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I think I just messaged you the info to get a new welcome code. Please let me know. Thanks!

I’m really late to this topic but I’m curious if any changes have been made to the hub deletion procedure. It’s mind-blowing to know that it’s even possible to proceed with such a drastic action without first being redirected to a mandatory account credential page as confirmation before being able to execute hub deletion.


I’m about 2/3 complete restoring my system and I wanted to provide a little more feedback having had some time to think on what happened.

It’s a FOUR press process to delete hub from a location. “Press on hub device” → “Menu” → “Remove Device” → “Confirm”.

It’s a FIVE press process to put the hub into exclude mode. “Press on hub” → “Menu” → “Settings” → “Zwave Utilities” → “Zwave exclusion”.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I find exclusion mode to be the most reliable way to delete a device off my hub. Trying to delete an individual device never works for me.

Samsung - please take a close look at that flow and the lack of a hard authenticated speed bump before taking such a drastic action as removing an entire hub from a location. I’m in no way deferring accountability for what happened here, it was my fault. But my mistake was clearly enabled by this flow. It needs to be fixed.