Deleted hue bridge, factory reset but now can't re-add it!

Hi guys,

So I was having issues with rogue routines turning hue lights on, so I removed my hue bridge (to remove all the lights) and factory reset my hue hub (as I’d read recommended in another thread) however I still can’t seem to see my lights or hue bridge to add the lights back to my config, what should I do? :disappointed_relieved:

i had a similar issue with my yale lock this weekend - and i had to run the exclusion tool in the smartthings app to allow the lock to be connected again - maybe of help

thanks for the tip! I’ve fairly new so I’m not familiar with the exclusion tool

nor was i till i had problems yesterday - it may help worth a try anyways

where do I find the exclusion tool please? :slight_smile:

In the app go to hub, z-wave utilities general exclude. That will put hub into exclude mode.
Push button on each device whatever number of times it requires to exclude it. You might have to do it multiple times, even though hub tells you it excluded it (happend to me)
Then go to things.add things to put hub in include mode and add your devices.

taken from another post should help

thanks for this :slight_smile: :+1:

This didn’t seem to help! Has anyone else done this? I even bought a new hue light and it doesn’t seem any of the lights.

I’ve factory reset both the hue hub and smartthings hub

Exclusion is a utility specific to Z wave devices. It won’t have anything to do with a hue bridge, where the link between the bridge and the SmartThings hub is over LAN and the link between the bridge and its own bulbs is zigbee.

If you are having problems with a hue bridge, the best thing to do is just to get in touch with support and they can fix it for you. :sunglasses:

Ah great thank you, I’ll give that a try…!

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