Hue Go without bridge

I know that I’m probably just going to have to go buy the bridge or return it, but there is a gap in my understanding that I’m trying to resolve.

So I know that it is not supported, but some people on here get hue devices to work without a bridge. I know that once you hook a hue bulb to smartthings without a bridge; there is some effort and/or special devices to factory reset the thing. I was ok with all of that. The situation I got in was I did a little too much clicking before understanding and even smartthings doesn’t find it. Want to understand what I did, and if I’m drawing live on finding it again if on the right channel.

What I did was ending up adding the hue go and deleting it about 5 times using the graphapi because of the tiles missing errors. I added it a few times by finding it and once or twice by adding manually. At one point it quit finding it. I realize now I should have edited the bulb type instead of deleting.

I “think” the hub was on channel 19 when I was doing this. One step I’ve taken in debugging is to delete and readd the hub over and over to have it fire up on different channels where I was hoping I may get lucky. Anyways so I understand why another bridge couldn’t pick it up without a factory reset, but why can’t smartthings pick it up again after that one delete.