Delete device

I couldn’t exclude my devices, so I went to ST account and deleted them. If I factory reset device will I be able to add back to network?
2nd question, how do i reset my ST HUB to factory settings to start over?

Which model hub?

to factory HARD reset a v2 or v3 unplug and use something to press and hold the recessed button near the power cable while plugging back in. continue to hold the recessed button while the yellow led is rapidly flickering until it turns solid yellow. at this point you will see the led go thru several colors and finally settle on a solid green. of the several colors you will see a purple (pinkish) color that is when it is re-downloading the latest firmware.

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Hey there! @TonyMast

I wanted to provide you with a troubleshooting article that can assist you further with resetting your model hub.

You can locate the information here at this link:

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Thanks guys/Gals