Delays in Home Action Today?

For some reason all my actions today are either mot getting triggered or getting triggered with a major delay. Are you guys experiencing the same? I already submitted a ticket. My SmartSense motion sensor/temp was acting weird too when trying to trigger action and when I checked in the IDE, it showed motion activities in the future. Huh! Also, my 7:15 AM action got triggered at 7:49!!!


Yes, my time triggered actions didn’t happen today

I checked and it reports everything is operational. Hmmm…

I’m pretty sure that page is updated through the same process that is failing our timed events :wink:

I think it is not only us… Few others are complaining too. No response on the tickets. Usually they are very prompt and that’s why I like ST. Things do happen but an updated outage page does help to pacify.

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Yes similar issues this morning. Very sluggish response times although things appear to be triggering properly. Haven’t checked logs or submitted a ticket yet.

Same issue here. Good Night and Good Morning scripts ran 20+ minutes later than scheduled.

update: Have an action that runs when my kids leave for school (using ST presence sensor located in backpack) that turns all of their bedroom lights off.

Between 9:30 and and 9:46amEST, the action executed 3 times. My son leaves for school at 8:30am…

They have finally updated the status. Just got a notification and they are investigating.