Off Timers not Triggering


Starting sometime this morning (at least when I first noticed) any light setup to come on either by open/close or motion sensors never shuts off at the specified times. Anyone else have this problem today?

BTW: Will notify Support as well.

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I experienced this on Friday morning. Support says they’re looking into it. It has also affected a custom SmartApp that I use to control a switch. The actions will eventually fire but they take forever.


I put in a support ticket yesterday because my UP24 button failed to trigger ST two nights in a row, after months of working correctly. It still works fine in the UP app, it’s just ST that doesn’t trigger.

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I’ve had same experience as OP all day so far.


Havent even looked at my apps yet. Tonight will be the test for those. That said… I do have an app that locks the door after x minutes. Just noticed my door has been unlocked all morning :frowning:


Yeah, there must be something going on. I see now others are posting the same/similar problem.

Having problems with all my LEDS as well :frowning:


And…status page showing “no incidents.”

Has everyone put in a support ticket? I start to think status page never gets updated on weekends unless the lights go out in Palo Alto. @april ?


Yes, I sent an email to support basically containing the same info as in my first post.


Hhhhmmm, there may be something to that. Just noticed my garage lights which should turn off 5 minutes after no motion eventually did turn off (30 minutes later). My foyer light on the other hand never shutoff.

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Thought I was loosing my mind, good thing it’s not just me. No off triggering last night or today. I just rebooted the Hub and a light finally turned off. Coincidence?

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It appears there are several issues with runIn() at the moment:

  1. If successfully scheduled (as logged in the SmartApp status page), doesn’t run, or runs VERY late
  2. Not all runIn() attempts are being successfully scheduled
  3. [overwrite: true] appears to be unscheduling ALL scheduled runIn events, not just the current type


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This is definitely something I am experiencing last few days, but inconsistently.

There’s no reason (and no harm in doing) that SmartThings shouldn’t update the Status page with a “suspected issues” message… Unless they expect the Community to be the primary source of that type of information.

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I think I reported the runIn() issue couple of days back to support as well as in another thread. Must be the Jersey heat causing it…

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We seem to be working again, at least from my Apps’ perspectives…


I think you are right :grinning:

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it must the that the inter-tubes magically unclogged themselves :unamused: … but no, no one should have an expectation of things working consistently…

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Same issues for past 7 days ish. I have two Cree Connected, same programming on dusk off defined time in am. One turns off, one 6ft away does not.