Delayed automations doesn’t running locally

Hi Guys!

Someone could help?

My hub is running firmware 44.09 some friends here are commenting that is possible run locally automations with time delay for some action, like:

if motion sensor doesn’t detect motion for 3 min then turn off some light, but here isn’t running locally when I set any delayed action, see:

When I take off it runs:

Is this a bug or my motion sensor doesn’t support this?

That delay type you have used is not yet running local. I also have some like that.

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@NickA is running local.

A friend @niquini is running the same firmware, but:

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That is interesting. This could be tested when internet connection is disconnected to see if it truly runs locally. Could you @niquini do that?

It runs local in THEN, not in IF

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Here is running in IF, take a look.

Hi @nayelyz is this function really able ?

I used this one as a delay switch to keep few of my routines local.

Are you using an Edge driver?

I already tested it when I read here in the community about this change and yes it works

Could this be some regional thing. Because I don’t have those routines local. :thinking::thinking:

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Me too. Don’t run local. Hub V2 Portugal. Last firmware.

The remains condition was running local, and @posborne confirmed it was part of the 44.9 firmware. But it appears it was removed. Not sure if Paul or other ST staff can comment on when it will return to local ability.

Hi @Automated_House but was removed only for some? Because @niquini continue using it.

Let’s wait for some other answer.

Yeap, for all my Zigbee devices.

I wrote a similar post few weeks back. Seems to work for some and not others, I can’t get it to work either, but some can.
Good job Samsung

I think it was removed by everyone. Those that have it are still there from when it was enabled. IF the routine is edited and saved again i bet it goes back to cloud.

I can now confirm I also have delayed routines running locally. :tada:

Edit: Fake news. I was fooled by ST app.

Hi Sakari, did you do this today ? In affirmative case, there is something strange, sounds like a bug in my firmware version.

I was just about to edit my post. Thisnwas fake news. ST app fooled me. There was a small house icon next to my routines but now they are gone. I’m sorry.