Debug Smart Lighting Problem

Need help finding how to debug a Smart Lighting routine. I have a Zooz switch turn on my porch light when the front door opens (Nyce hinge. When the door closes, it goes off after 5 minutes. The routine runs from 15 minutes after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise. It’s worked fine except when the battery in the hinge dies. Replaced the battery the other day and it is working intermittently now. I can see the open/close in the app, but the light doesn’t go on most of the time. Tried deleting and re-adding with the same result. also deleted it and setup an automation in the new app, and it too is intermittent.

I have another automation that turns the light on when we approach the house using Life360; it always works.

I can’t see any way to debug this. The IDE has the individual device logging, but i don’t see anything for the automations. And yes I do have the custom Zooz DTH installed.

Any help would be appreciated!!