Smart Lighting issue back porch, door open

I am having issues with my Smart Lighting rules, and I am looking for some feedback. Currently, when my back door is opened the back porch light is triggered and stays on for 3mins. I have the option for this to only occur from sunset to sunrise, but it triggers at all times of the day. I have also tried entering specific times, but it always comes on. Any ideas how I can get this to work properly?

Thanks from a newbie!

Can you post a screenshot of what you have set in SmartLighting? I am doing the same and it works perfectly. So, I suspect you’ve missed a setting. Hers how I have mine set.

My sensor was only lasting about a day so Monoprice replaces it. It works perfectly now. Must be faulty original.

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Minus the fast that their battery life is awful. One day lifespan max!