Used Yale lock exclusion

I’ve purchased 2, USED, Yale Real Living YRD240-ZW-08P deadbolts through Amazon warehouse deals. One of the two z-wave modules is still included on the original owner’s hub. Question: how to reset the z-wave module so I can pair it to my hub?
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Z wave general exclusion. You’ll need to check the user manual for the lock to see what you need to do physically on the lock to accept the exclusion.

Here are the instructions from the SmartThings side:

If I’m not mistaken, your instructions are for excluding a device that has been connected to my hub in the past. As I stated, this lock was paired with an unknown owner’s hub and was never excluded from his network. The lock has a numerical and vocal menu. The menu for including a device to a network should have 2 options: 1 - add to network and 3 - remove from network. Currently, the only option available is 3 - remove from network. This makes me assume it has been paired with another system and was never properly excluded. How do I exclude a device from my network if it has never been added?

That article can be somewhat confusing, but the zwave general exclude applies to a device which already has a primary controller recorded. Any primary controller: the same hub you’re trying to pair to now, a test controller from the manufacturer, or, as in your case, a hub from a completely different owner.

General exclude tells the device to clear its previous controller address.
Then you can start over with the include to your network.

So just follow the instructions in the second part of that article.

If the device has already been deleted from your “Things” page but was not excluded during the process, it will still be connected to the hub and you’ll have to exclude it before connecting it again. If you’re having trouble adding a Z-Wave device that was previously in use by our hub or any other controller, this is likely the cause. Fortunately, Z-Wave devices can be excluded from any-controller-they-were-previously-connected-to by our hub. Here are the steps to perform a “General Z-Wave Device Exclusion”:

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That means that “our hub,” your SmartThings hub, can exclude the lock from any previous controller, in this case the previous owner’s hub. It means the exclusion can be done by your hub. Not that the previous inclusion was done by your hub. I know that sentence seems ambiguous, but that’s what general exclusion means.

A hub is a controller, and each zwave device can only have one primary controller. But once you clear the old controller’s information from the device, you should be able to join the device to your network.

THANK YOU! Your explanation was clear and very helpful!

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