Presence Sensor and alarm

Hello all
Only just got my SmartThings starter kit a few days ago, and I am still in the process of setting it up. One thing I cannot work out at the mo is wether the presence sensor or mobile phone can deactivate the alarm when it is set to away.?
Any ideas please. Thanks in advance

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Which model is your kit?

There are significant feature differences between the ADT/SmartThings security panel and the standalone Samsung SmartThings hub.

Hello JD
It is the standard SmartThings hub.
I have a multi sensor on all three ground floor doors, and have purchased a presence sensor for my daughters. It is picking them on on return but it is not deactivating the away mode.


OK, it can do it, but you have to set up a rule to make it do it. And it depends on whether we are talking about the “away” mode which doesn’t have anything to do with smart home monitor or whether you were talking about the “armed away” alarm state. You could still set up a rule for either or both, but they are different fields.

So first, here’s a thread that explains the difference between away mode and “armed away” arm state:

Once that’s clear, I will have to leave it up to other people to walk you through setting up the rules as I can no longer use the mobile app and I might get something wrong. :sunglasses:

you can do it via a Routine. Check out the default “I’m Back” routine and there is an option to trigger the routine and change mode, smart home monitor status, etc based on presence arrival.

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Brilliant. Will take a look at it now.
It’s a bit fiddly isn’t it JD

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Ya. I seen that and have tweeted it, but this evening I was the alert that she was home, which is good but then the SHM Activated.?

Can you,step me through it?

Hello Jimmy,

It is possible you could step me through the process for disarming the home monitor with the presence fobs?
I’ve given it a go but it is not working.
Thanks Jimmy

Tap the gear next to your I’m back routine

Choose set smart home monitor and set to disarm

Scroll to the bottom and choose automatically perform

Choose when someone arrives

And select your presence devices

Hello Jimmy,
Top man. Thank you. It’s working now, but the response is not the best. Rightly or wrongly I’ve extended my geo fix so that by the time the family arrive at the door it will have done all it has too.
Thanks again…

Glad its somewhat working. The geofence will help with mobile device presence, but not with the fobs. I don’t have one myself, but i believe they work based on them leaving and re-joining the zigbee mesh. Your best bet to help there would be to place a zigbee repeater as close as possible to your homes entrance.

I shall look for one. But yes, thanks to your help it is working a lot better now.
Did you see my question about the alert on activation from my Bose. Can you shed any light on that issue please ?

I would like the Hub to check the presence sensor at 11PM and set the alarm if my wife and I am home. Any ideas?