Daylight Savings Time ending


As long as I have had my ST hub, the transitions to/from DST have been an adventure. Not a pleasant one

Anyone have a trick to make this simple task less annoying?


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Stock up on :beer: :tropical_drink: :cocktail: :tumbler_glass:


Not really, other than expect things to be a bit weird for a while. Or move to HI or AZ :grinning:

It was driving me up the wall for a bit as well. Changed all of my lighting transitions to be based off luminescence as opposed to time triggers. Been happy ever since.

For my time of day (TOD) based automations (webCoRE pistons), I’ve added early morning NoOp’s (No Operations) on daylight <> standard time weekends that cause the pistons to recalculate their next-run times based on the new clock settings. I’ve also added a piston that pauses all of the appropriate pistons and then restarts them so that (again), the pistons to recalculate their next run times based on the new clock settings. Haven’t had any issues with switch-over weekends since then.

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I have my lighting pistons trigger with offsets of sunrise/sunset, still not perfect tho…

I ended up changing most of my smart lighting automations to depend on illuminance also, with a backup “on at sunset” rule in case my illuminance sensor dies with SmartThings not realizing it.

With any luck come next summer you may be able to move to any Pacific state (or BC) and not have to deal with the transition any more. All 3 states voted to stay on DST this year, but the federal law that governs DST doesn’t allow states to stay on DST (it does, however, allow states to stay on standard time).

Congress is busy with more important stuff, so the backup plan (as I understand it) if Congress doesn’t approve it by next fall is for all those states to instead move to Mountain time and stay on (mountain) standard time year round. Same net effect.

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