Dashboard Status no longer working

It’s 4am and needed to let the dog out so went Dashboard to set the system to home/disarm. The screen on the smartphone says “loading…” but never gets past that.

  • Repowered the hub. No difference.
  • Checked on both our Iphone and Android phone. Same thing.
  • logged out and back in on the app. No difference.
    All other screens work, but not the Dashboard. So I can’t turn off the security status, which means all of the doors that I’ve alarmed set off the lights and the alarm.
    Very bad status.

EDIT update: as of 9:15 AM Pacific Time (just before I was going to talk with chat open a ticket) the system started to work again, no changes on my part. I suspect something got pushed/patched, but unable to confirm.

Others, including me, are having the same issue.

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I found that mine last tracked presence:

2016-11-16 5:20:55.448 PM EST
3 days ago

So it’s setting off the alarm all the time now since then.

dd264645-c389-46f6-a0b7-607319063ba5 ‎7‎:‎44‎:‎06‎ ‎AM: warn SHM inconsistent security status, app: away, location: off, newStatus: away, appId: dd264645-c389-46f6-a0b7-607319063ba5, locationId: 7cf21523-454b-4967-a6a9-c1e28fb8580a

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Things like this happen periodically with SHM. Mine did something similar briefly after that database migration update a couple weeks ago. However overnight and this am it’s been fine for me. If it’s still happening to you, you should open a ticket with support.

I am having the same issue, as I went ahead and emailed support.

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Same issue here, as well - dog wanted out - after 5 am, set to notice certain motion; however, all lights went on. Checked the device and only got a Loading… screen on the Dashboard.

So I messed with it - a lot. Went so far as to install an older version, but now my Dashboard is just blank - like this one App issue Smart home monitoring is blank

Thinking it’s a bigger issue than just the app update now.

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