App issue Smart home monitoring is blank

In the app the smart home monitor wont load up anything and is blanck as of last night. anyone with the same issue?
Past events is also blanck

This has just started happening to me too, COMPLETELY blank, since 5 hours ago.

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Me too. I have an alert but I’m unable to dismiss it! Notifications galore!

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Past events is also black as of today. cant see and camera recordings

note that the smart home monitor is blank only on android but is working with inphone. whilst the past events is dead at both android and iphone

We’re on it… please stay tuned to for updates.

Thanks (and sorry for the headache)

edit: I am moving this thread over to UK & Ireland News & Discussion.

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Hi can you merge the SHM offline thread too?

Seems to be fixed for me now…

yep they fixed it

Not only fixed but the dashboard now loads faster than it has done for months. Prior to the fix it has frequently taken about 3 to 4 seconds to load. Now comes up within a second.


Sorry for the delay… Yep - we’re back up and running

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sthank u smarthings support uk team