Dashboard is no longer working

Hi all.

My dashboard has stopped working on my iphone.
I have checked to make sure that i still have “security” and “Leaks” enabled, I have tried to take these off and readd.
I’ve reinstalled that app, switched off the hub and restarted and made sure that the motion senses are still working (Updating)…

I’ve also tried the z-wave repair…

If anyone as any other ideas… Please let me know…


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I bought my smartthings today and I can’t get anything on my dashboard. Not even an armed icon?!?!? Not happy

I have exactly the same issue. No dashboard and my alerts are going haywire.

Glad its not just me… I bought my unit 2 days ago and it has been working… Sent a support request to samsung…
Interestingly family members can still see that dashboard, which leads me to believe its something to do with the per family member profile… Anyone have any ideas?

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By dashboard do you mean the SHM (Smart Home Monitor)?

Mine seems to be fine


On the Mobile App on my Samsung the first tab at the bottom is called Dashboard. Usually gives three options. ARM. STAY. DISARM.

I managed to fix this thanks to someone off another thread, it was quite complicated.

I logged off and back on again. Boom, it’s working now.

Very random

I contacted Samsung and they were working on it. I have since logged back in and it’s working. Thanks