Dashboard shows incorrect SHM status (says all is well, it isn't)

One of my ST moisture sensors and my carbon monoxide/smoke detector tripped this morning. ST sent notifications for both events but when I look at the dashboard, SHM shows “Everything is OK” even though neither event was dismissed. When I tap SHM, it opens that page and I see the red icon indicating the two events, neither of which have been dismissed. I am getting a repeat reminder for the leak event, but nothing for the smoke event even though I never dismissed it.

I typically use the dashboard view so I’m concerned it’s not showing these events. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Thanks for any advice or insight anyone can provide.

Yes. I opened a door this morning when SHM was armed. My siren went off, however SHM didn’t actually register an intrusion event and I didn’t get a push alert. On dashboard view in the iOS app it does say intruder detected (like 16 hours later), despite the fact that if I tap SHM it then says everything OK. In the recently tab there’s no log of an intrusion. In other words it’s totally f’ed up.

Only advice I can offer is create a ticket with support. May not help but if enough people do that ST might look into it.

I am able to consistently recreate this issue, so I guess it’s a bug in the iOS app or somewhere on the ST server side. I guess the dashboard view can’t be trusted to alert you to critical issues. I’ll open a ticket. :laughing: