Dashboard state doesn't reflect actual state

I have a light in the Dashboard whose state does not reflect the actual status of the light. It always shows the light as on in the Shortcuts and Right Now views. When I click on the light, it says it is ‘turning off’, and the light does actually turn off, but after a few minutes, the display reverts back to the ‘on’ state, despite the fact the light remains off. The Recently view shows the correct history for the light. This does not happen on the Things tab, where clicking the light turns it on and off, and the tile correctly tracks the state.

What’s up? Seems like a bug.

Yep. Happens to me too. I think the dashboard seems “beta” level right now. Notice it doesn’t even have all of the features they show on their web site.

I found that if I use the undocumented sendEvent() method to update the state of the switch, it seems to keep the Dashboard in sync with the current state.

Richard - I am just getting started. How to use the SendEvent()? Do you add it to the code in the device type?

This is currently happening to me. I have Centralite 300w/480w dimmers/switches. All my devices run Android. Does this happen to everyone? I haven’t been able to figure it out.