Danalock v3 conectivity

Hi, i have Smartthings hup V3 and have connected a heep of bulps, both Hue and IKEA, and I have 3 Danalocks V3.
My issue is that only one lock remains online. The 2 other constantly goes into offline mode, I have connected them via both z wave and ZigBee. The 2 that causes trouble are connected to the network via a danalock hub.
Tryed everything, disconnect and reconnect… Ant first installation a couple of months ago it worked by then after a week or so those two jumped off… I can dismount them an take them real close to the hub and get them to connect, but when I take them back and remount them on the doors approx 10 meters from the ST hub they fall out… any suggestions?

Sounds like you need some strong repeaters to extend your zigbee and zwave meshes. If you login to ide, can you see the routes the locks use? https://account.smartthings.com/ go to your devices, select the locks that are giving issues and post a screenshot of the route. I would guess they’re trying to connect straight to the hub and need a a routing device between the two.


With all things smart and HA, EXACT model matters. Are you using the Dalock Bluetooth, the one with Bluetooth and Zigbee or ths one with Bluetooth and ZWave. What device you have directly impacts the remedy. So - of your three locks are they all the same and which EXACT version of the danalocks are they.


Hi Nathan, alle 3 models are the ones with both bluetooth, zigbee and z wave… the two that causes trouble, are conected to the web via a danalock hub…


this is a screenshot of one of the locks that causes trouble… I guess the “unknown route” status is a problem?? I suspect that could be the danalock hub, but I have also tryed to connect without the hub, without success…

this is the one that works…

So first there’s not one that does ZWave AND Zigbee. They do either/or- not both…
But your image shows zigbee connectivity sonwere assuming this.

Youre correct the unknown route is a problem. But looking at what you have available in your setup… I see why. You have very few powered repeaters.

Lets start with bulbs are HORRIBLE repeaters even in the best of cases whenntheyre Ikea bulbs which are better repeaters than most. But it sounds like you only have a few… The Hue bulbs wont repeat for SmartThings Zigbee at all if you have them on your Hue Bridge (recommended)

Which means your locks are almost positively falling off due to signal issues. Get some good repeating pocket socjets and spread them around the house (The Ikea ones are great) start jear the hub and join them up. Then power of ALL your zigbee stuff and your hub for no less than 20 minutes. Once its done bring up the hub first, then all the powered outlets starting closest to the hub. Then bulbs, then finally your locks. Disconnecting the hub for > 20 minutes puts Zigbee devices into panic mode and will force them to attrmpt to rediscover devices. Doing this SHOULD bring everything up correctly and be a permanent fix.

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and the other one that doesnt work…

Hi nathan, thanks for your reply, I guess they are all BT/Zigbee devices…

Thanks, sounds promissing, … I´ll give it a shot! :slight_smile: dont understand why one lock works and not the other two though… But I guess it is what it is, as they say :slight_smile:

Its working because it’s close enough for direct routing to the hub.

The other two arent probably because of sketchy routing (what tha shot shows is a device trying to route through an unknown device - usually a Zigbee ghost).

The process i outlined will fix the routing… If you do the repeaters. You need both because at its core this is a signal issue.

ok, thanks… I have a heep of ikeabulps though, and also ajecent to the two troubeling locks, but the way i conected them is to reset them and add them to the Hue setup… should I connect them directly to the ST hub instead, and make them better repeaters that way?

Any bulb paired to your Hue setup is not participating in routing for your SmartThings zigbee network.

That said theres very good reasons to connect bulbs directly to the Hue hub.

What im saying is your locks are falling off because of signal issues (with that last bit if info im 100% sure now.) and to fix it, you will need more repeaters. How yiu get those repeaters us up to you - you need to make the decisionif the advanced lighting features of the Hue lighting hub is better for the bulbs for you and you buy more repeaters or if its more effective for you to move the Ikea bulbs back to the SmartThings hub.

Thanks for your help Nathan !
Best regards from Denmark :slight_smile:

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