Danalock V2 pairing issue

Does anyone have experience getting the Danalock V2 to work with SmartThinga? I’ve put the Lock right next to the hub and tried setup using the app and pressing the button for two beeps. The hub never sees the lock.

Anyone having experience with this lock and getting it to pair I would like to know what you did. I am happy with the lock except for the zwave failure with SmartThinga.

Help if you can!

hey, have you got it working? interested to know if it works before u buy

Have you checked that its definitely the z-wave version you’ve bought ?

Pairing was a challenge - on top of the hub was the only way for me to get it to work.

Check your things as well, because I thought it hadn’t, but it was a the bottom of my list - with a generic z-wave device name I seem to recollect.

It was product description issue. I returned it and work with Danalock directly to get a zwave version. Paired easily and works great.

There is a version 3 coming out soon. Two ways that could go, get V2 for cheap or get new version. I also bought a no name lock from Monoprice that I am very happy with.