(re)Connecting Danalock Circle V125


(Michiel Brederode) #1

Hello Everyone,

I bought a Danalock circle over a year ago and fiddled with it a couple of times right after that. It connected to smartthings, but couldn’t get it to work properly so I deleted it.

I’d like to give it a go again but can’t seem to reconnect it.
When I try to exclude it, the green led on the hub starts to flash but as soon as the locks enters its zwave inclusion/exclusion state (after two bleeps), the led on the hubs stops flashing and is permanently green.

Trying to connect it, doen’t work either… .at least it doesn’t show up when the app is “looking for devices”

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: In the IDE, the logs states the following line:

Err 104: Z-Wave exclude failed

(Shaun Reinson) #2

It is a fiddle this device, and the only way I could connect its zwave module to ST was to literally take it off the door and place on top of the hub.

If you’re still in situ on the door, that may be your problem.


(Michiel Brederode) #3

Good advice, but range is sadly not the problem as it’s litteraly on top of the hub atm

Any other ideas perhaps…