Danalock v3 Zigbee dropping off SmartThings

Hi all,

So a couple of weeks ago I bought the Danalock v3 (Zigbee model). It worked well at first but within a few days it stopped responding on the app.

This has happened every few days since.

I can pull the batteries and put them back in and then it instantly connects again but I’m not sure what’s going on here.

My hub is under my stairs within a metre of the lock. I do have other hubs in the same location (2 hue bridges, hive, ring alarm base station). No other zigbee or z wave devices drop off the hub though.

I’ve checked the route it takes to the hub, and most of the times I’ve checked it goes directly to the hub. One time however it went via a Zigbee Sonoff mini which is in the hallway about 1.5m away.

It’s driving me mad why it keeps dropping off, so any ideas would be much appreciated.

I’m considering trying to swap it for the z wave version.