DAKboard integration?

(John Miele) #1

Any programmers out there need a project? I have been looking at a product called DAKboard (https://dakboard.com/site) that acts as a home display and appears to be based of a Raspberry Pi. One user has already tied it into the Home/Away feature of a Nest Thermostat to turn the display on and off (https://dakboard.com/blog/integrate-dakboard-with-your-nest-thermostat/) and I think they are working on an official API. If anybody has any thoughts or features this might be an easy answer for the wall display we all want. Here is their Github site as well (https://github.com/dannyk660/dakboard)

It would be nice if nothing else to have the display turn on/off based on SmartThings modes. Full integration with SmartThings would be amazing. It could be used to display a status screen like ActionTiles, display security cams,ect.