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I’ve been looking at good options for accumulating and displaying data. Dweet looks like good combined with freeboard as documented here. However, I have yet to find a smartapp that works with all device types. Digging in the API and finding all the device types and what pieces of data they have available seems like a bit more than I want to work on right now. Does anyone have any more of a starting point than just temperature sensor?

Alternatively, is there anything better? I’m not the biggest fan of smarttiles just because it’s laggy on my tablet, the metro look is terrible (not their fault). It’s not as customizable as I’d like and it’s missing data I want. Using the dashboard to change things is definitely not a feature I’m looking for which is why I like the idea of freeboards. Especially self hosted. Dweets, while public, can be randomized enough and have only one aspect of data as is so I’m not too concerned about that aspect.

- Phil

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Other options I’ve seen include Initial State

And, of course, Google Sheets

And Simple Device Logger will also log data to Sheets

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Thanks for the reply! Initial state looks interesting. I’ll have to look into it more. Google sheets seems too basic for what I’m wanting even if there is something that will pull and display the data from it.

Follow Up: Initial State is pretty darn awesome! It’d be nice if it would support a more user friendly dashboard with HTML and custom text and things… but I can make it work! Even the free option is usable, but I think I’m going to end up doing the upgrade so I can make my dash have emojis and added units to measures.

Edit: I thought the emojis and formatting was the $6/mo… but it looks like it might be the $30/mo. :expressionless:

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I can’t believe I forgot about Grovestreams!
Another one for you to check out.

I’m not too impressed by that, personally. I’m pretty sold on initial state right now. Word on the street is that they are about to release a new package with real time expressions for significantly cheaper than $30/mo.

I’m thinking about using to aggregate other data as well into dashboards like maybe even finances? Who knows. Possibilities are endless!


Did you ever setup the dashboard with Freeboard and dweet? I’m just getting into it now and have some questions. In the writeup there’s the gauge which I’ve added, but wondering how to add the historical chart below that’s shown. Also trying to see if there’s a way to customize the style used with your own colors, etc.

Another question is do you setup another smartapp for each device or is there a way to use multiple devices with the same smartapp originally created?