SONOFF NSPanel integration

Hi guys, despite me vowing to never back another Kickstarter again as most turn out to be rubbish this caught my eye and I’ve backed it: SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch

I was just going to wing it and hope I can get it working with SmartThings at some point but they’ve just added a new stretch goal and said they’ll fully support SmartThings if that’s met. Just thought some others might be interested in this too:


killer product , allready home assistant works with it by tasmota firmware ,
i hope we will be able to use it in smartthings… awesome product (also sonoff sold it 2 weeks ago at 60$ as discount… )

I got mine delivered last week. Looks really nice. Hoping it doesn’t take too long for the SmartThings support.

Any more work on this?

Any updates?

Bump, just saw this thing and looks really good.

Any news on smartthings integration?

Mine’s still sat in it’s box on my desk waiting. Hopefully by the time I get to have a play with it something has happened with regard to the integration. I’ll probably end up moving to Home Assistant though. That works for sure.