Custom UI for House Panel



I got into the whole smart home scene right when smart tiles was being retired. Being a web developer/designer, that was the one thing I was really excited for. Something I could just jump in and redesign to suit my needs.
Fast forward, I found House Panel from @kewashi with an open api to do with as you please.

So granted, I may have gone a little overboard, but it has been so much fun building. Still have a ways to go, but it is a good start.

My home setup

Video of the UI setup

Additional screenshots

(Roger) #2

This is beautiful! Is it possible you can share?


Thank you,
Once I address a few more bugs and add some more device types then I may release it. Right now it only handles a handful of devices I own.


Wow, fantastic work and a great design :+1:t2:


Love it. Nice work.


Thank you, I appreciate that. Trying to build it out so that anyone can make it look how they want.

(Mark H) #7

Great project hope you share how you did it!

(Paul Barden) #8

Just saw your post on the house panel thread. Really nice design. Great work!.

I’m interested to know that your also using your application for logic too right?.

My application is here:Raspberry Pi Codesys Project

I’ve made a lot of changes since.


Thank you, appreciate that.
I’m not 100% what you mean by using my application for logic.
I’m currently looking to start working with the new Smartthings api and nodejs so I don’t have to worry about poling. I’ve never heard of Codesys before, really interesting. Do you have it communicating with smartthings brand devices?

(Paul Barden) #10

What I mean by logic is any rules, automations that you have configured?.

I started my project so I didn’t have to rely on ST for any automation/logic.

My application is using Open Dash api to return a string that contains “all device” data. I parse this string in my application and then I can freely write any logic/automation.

Good example is that SHM has no entry delay in ST. I wrote an entire sequencer in my application with voice announcements and countdown timer for exit entrance delays. All I needed to do in ST was to create a virtual contact sensor.

The only limitation in my application is polling time when I want to react to something fast. My current poll time is about 2 to 3 seconds.


Yup, we are in the same boat. I’m doing the exact same thing except with Ken’s House Panel in regards to the string parsing.

I’ve just really finished up my application recently, still working out some bugs. Automation/logic, is next. Most of it will be specific for UI display/visual notifications. I use webcore right now and don’t have any real issues… yet.