DAKboard + SmartThings

Looks like DAKboard has added SmartThings integration for viewing status of your SmartThings devices.


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If you’re looking for a more feature complete SmartThings solution, be sure to check out SharpTools.io. You can view, control, and automate your SmartThings connected devices and build beautiful custom dashboards.

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DAKboard is quite popular with ActionTiles Customers who want to add the fancier read-only screensaver and widgets. Most customers do not buy DAKboard premium which is required for that product’s SmartThings widgets.

Of course, with ActionTiles, the original top rated and most popular dashboard service/app for SmartThings, you get view and control in the custom layout you design yourself.

Free 14 Day full-featured trial, $28.99 license fee per SmartThings Hub after trial.