D"ST"... This weekend

DST weekend is here… And I am sure ST is prepared… :wink:

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I’m sure they learned something from last time.

That was a mess.

UTC or bust, can’t lose…
I think I was too new to notice that last year.

what is DST? newbie here

Day light savings time

And of course, no DST change here (Australia) until next month… :wink: …and when it happens we’re going in the other direction (leaving DST, heading towards winter).

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we dont have those in my country lol

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DST is an archaic method for “saving” time for farmers. Benjamin Franklin put the idea in peoples heads with a joke article he wrote in the 1780’s about saving on candle time by getting people up out of bed earlier. First instituted in 1909 and finally made unified national law in 1966. They say it helps us save energy somehow. Not sure how but apparently it works. Cause you know the government studies say it does. :wink:

DST can go away IMHO. Recetn studies show it has no real postivie benefit.


[quote=“tslagle13, post:8, topic:12363”]
DST can go away IMHO
[/quote]I agree. In fact, I think the whole “changing clocks” thing is scheduled to be abolished at 2:30am tomorrow morning. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interestingly enough, the farmers actually opposed DST. But somehow it became associated with them. Was an decent read today in the paper about the 5 common myths around DST…and to your point there has been actual harm and more electricity use associated with DST. Indiana thought they would save $9mm in electrical; it cost them $7mm more than before.

The government…


Everything fired fine this morning. Coffee was ready, lights were on to correct level. The only thing that seems to missing is the light from the eastern horizon??? What’s not up with that? :grin:


Oh no here we go again. Good morning mode never triggered at 2:45. I get up at 3:00. I have an appliance on a Smart power switch that never turned on (it triggers my good morning). Looked into the app and it said 2:45 where you set it but when I went to back out of the app it changed to 3:45. Got so frustrated I uninstalled it. However when I tried to reinstall it it won’t let me pick 2:45 ARGH…
However on a good note the GE wink lamp worked perfect this morning.

ST is blowing time restrictions for me this morning. We are in AZ, so no DST. But the restrictions are acting as if we switched to DST, going off an hour early.

Wonder if folks in Indiana are seeing the same thing? Did you submit to support?

@wackware point proven. :slight_smile: waiting for the sunset…

Okay I think I’m losing it. Must be the loss of one hour of sleep. I had my good morning mode set up through CentraLite switch app. Now, for some reason I can’t seem to even find that. Can anybody help please?

Dawn, seriously open a ticket too…

@smart oh I did that too. Also system crashed and I said report.


Sunset Hello Home action triggered nearly an hour early than expected and of course has to be DST related. Just opened a ticket. Spamming @April too. As per weather underground, sunset in my area is at 6:56 PM. I have an offset of 7 minutes before. The sunset triggered at 5:47 PM instead.

I had two sunrises today… One fired at 6:43 am and then another one fired at 7:42 am :smile: