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Sunset/Sunrise not adjusting for DST

(Eric Seckinger) #1

Anyway to rectify this? I tried deleting and re adding but it is still showing an hour off.

(Todd Whitehead) #2

My sunset items came on at the right time tonight…

(Eric Seckinger) #3

This is what my hub is showing Which is an hour off.

Time Zone America/New_York
Sunrise 7:56 AM
Sunset 6:51 PM

(Todd Whitehead) #4

Mine shows this:
Time Zone America/New_York
Sunrise 7:13 AM
Sunset 5:29 PM

Perhaps an e-mail to support?


Lots of people reporting this problem. Let support know.

(Adam Brower) #6

It’s a waste of time to mention or discuss this. It’s been an unresolved issue for years.

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(Aaron S) #7

If you haven’t already, please email support@ to get this checked out.


(Paul Haskins) #8

Mine were off from the time on my weather station - by 1 minute :slight_smile:

Also Eastern/New York

(Todd Whitehead) #9

Perhaps is depends on which developer region you are in?

Mne is

Maybe the orignal graph.api one is having issues?

(Bernie H) #10

My sunset events didn’t trigger today :frowning:

(Paul Haskins) #11

I am on and OK.

(Michael Sammon) #12

mine on original triggered on time toođź‘Ť

(Aaron S) #13

We have a few reports of customers not having DST change over properly, but this is much less than in years. I don’t have enough information yet to identify a root cause, but in the past there was an issue with times getting cached in Child SmartApps. The best way to fix this is to remove and re-create the problematic SmartApp.

If you are still having issues, please email support@ with the name of the SmartApp so we can look into this.

(Justin Wurth) #14

So how I just interpreted this is. You have to reprogram all of your lights because our own smart lighting app doesn’t properly support DST. :yum:

(Aaron S) #15

So a bit more information as we sort through customer reports:

  1. It looks like this primarily affected customers that had a time offset on the SmartApp
  2. It should have corrected itself after the first misfire.

Here is what the SmartApp installation configuration should look like if it updated correctly. Note the next scheduled time is scheduled for EST.

If you are not seeing this, or have another edge case on why the SmartApp didnt update, please shoot a note to Support

(Eric Seckinger) #16

Please explain to me how this is a smart lighting app issue.

(Aaron S) #17

@Eric_Seckinger your experience is a bit different of an issue with DST that became more noticeable when the times changed. I am pinging you 1:1 with more info


Anyone else have this issue this year? My sunset trigger didn’t work.

Usual Daylight Saving Time Problem (2018)
(Ian Thomas) #20

My Smart Lighting shows that it will fire at the correct time tomorrow, so just a one day hiccup!

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(Joe) #21

Mime has been an hour off for about a week now, was it fixed with the last update?