D"ST"... This weekend

Wow…: some guys have all the luck. The sun never rises or sets for a few… And you get two sunrises… Not fair, my friend! Did both the Suns set though? :wink:

My scheduled sunrise/sunset apps fired right on time today… with proper savings time adjustment.
Hope that helps.

Goodnight triggered on time though…

We do not change DST in my part of the world in Canada but all my sunset apps fired on time also today. I am using Mode Magic sunset for the majority and one native sunset which fired correct also. All my time based apps worked correct.
However any motion based time restricted app became active one hour early.
This was the issue last fall and it is hard to believe in how many months they did not have the time or resources to correct.
It is resolvable but uninstalling and re-installing any time restricted motion based apps. So I spent an exciting hour today doing just that.
This and all the others issues are getting old.

My overriding wish is that I really want to be surprised when something does not work instead of being continually surprised when it does.

Thanx, Abe

We should start one “Abolish DST” movement in US.

My sunset offset fired one hour early, so I’m assuming that’s a DST error. This is plain vanilla Hello Home Action, no custom code. I’ll see what it does tomorrow.

:frowning: Ugh,

I’ve made the engineers aware of this situation, and we’re looking at each case… Crazy, It works for me :confused: but I empathize the situation…

On the other news, a friend was running an hour late meeting me today, because she forgot about DST. Wish DST just stops existing!

Isn’t it what DST is for? At least once a year you have a perfect excuse to be late for a meeting. :smile:


There are still DST related fails in Arizona (time restrictions off by an hour) – even though Arizona doesn’t observe DST (or more likely, BECAUSE AZ doesn’t observe DST). Getting zero response from Support.

Oh no, I’ll try to follow up with them. :frowning:

Support request #90430: Time restrictions failing