Customer support gets an A++ on Samsung SmartThings

I recently was involved with the Arlo->SmartThings communications debacle. Strangely, the downage notice from SmartThings appeared about an hour after I notified them of my issue. After a few back and forth emails they informed me that Arlo had pulled their servers offline suspecting a security issue.

The next day, the servers were back online but, I still could not remove the Arlo(Connect) application or add a camera. After a phone call to support at Samsung, I got an email with the solution which worked perfectly.

Now, Samsung could have just pointed the finger (like Arlo did when I call them before I contacted Samsung) or just gave me canned responses but, NOOOOOO. They worked with me to get the problem resolved. I have to say, that for a less than $80 device that I bought almost two years ago, the support staff was absolutely outstanding in the way the handled this.

I have worked with several companies on their smart hubs and device support but, Samsung is the best by far. I will continue to support Samsung by purchasing their products (except for tha TVs have such a crappy operating system) as long as this kind of support is behind their products.