Webcore and Mobile presence in new app

I migrated my account over but have not uninstalled the classic app yet.

I have a few webcore pistons that fire based on my phones presence. What will I have to change to keep this working?

I enabled mobile location in the new app, but don’t see any changes to my existing “mobile device” in the IDE.

You will need to add the new presence sensor as an available device in webCoRE. Then you can edit any pistons to use the new presence sensor.

Also, the existing sensor in IDE would not be used by the new app. A new one is created, it should contain the name used on your Samsung account.

Okay. I’m wondering if I should delete the existing one that was originally created by the classic app.

Hate to leave that in there and just add to confusion.

I’m also under the assumption that I can no longer see presence (like my fiances’ phone) in the app?


Correct, you will not see the Classic presence sensor nor any other presence sensors in the new app except when creating Automations.

It may be best to remove the old Classic presence sensors to avoid any confusion.

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One small wrinkle applies here. Just found out the Samsung Arrival sensor doesn’t work in the new app. The only thing it reports is battery level. Go figure… There’s a bit more perfectly good piece of electronics destined for landfill.

Tagging @Automated_House on the sensor. He may know

Mine works just fine:

Got it. I see the “new” mobile phone in the devices for webcore now.

I think I got both our devices set up and migrated. Just have to fix my pistons now.


Well, ain’t that just the most curious thing. Just checked and it’s now working. And I just set up an old Samsung S6 as a presence sensor…

I just migrated to the new Smartthings app and my WebCore presence stopped working. I deleted both mine and my wife’s sensors, deleted the “Place” in WebCore, logged out, registered a new instance, added a new place, but I don’t see an option in WebCore to setup a new presence sensor. I am using iOS 14 Beta FWIW. Also, I don’t believe my wife, who is using a secondary account has been migrated yet.

Not sure if this will help…

Thanks. I followed that before I posted. This is what I am NOT seeing. I wonder if it’s because I am using iOS 14 Beta.

Once you have at least one place added to the list, a green button should appear with the Setup sensor caption. Tap on it and you will get a dialog asking you to provide a name - this is the ST device name for the new presence sensor.

Doubtful but possible. You may want to post on the webcore forum and tag the webcore_minions

Hmm…so I installed the WebCore mobile app from my iPhone and re-installed from the App Store. I had to then delete my Place again, and re-set it up. I will leave my house in a bit and see if it’s working properly.

I’ve been using the webcore prsence sensor for some time on the Classic App. I recently migrated to the new App. I can still use the presence sensor, but all the extra features beyond basic presence have stopped working. Is there a fix, or any prospect of one? I guess it needs a new ‘vid’.

Update. Location on my mobile device is working perfectly. On my fiances’ phone, it’s another story. It’ll never update to present. I’ve turned location on and off on it, re-installed the app, nothing. It never updates.

Restart the phone. Happened to me and this fixed it

No dice. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the new app on her phone. Turned the location off and on, made sure android wasn’t optimizing the app, all the usual stuff. It updated once or twice and never again.

Same thing happened with me. My phone works fine. But webcore won’t detect my wife’s presence. We both have s10 plus.