WebCore Android App?

anyone know anything about this app?

I’m wondering what the advantage might be, over just using the browser. It mentions presence sensor support in the app description. Would that somehow work better than the SmartThings app presence sensor capability? Zero reviews at the moment, so I’m skeptical.

The only people that would review it are mostly users of this site since it was created by a community developer (@ady624) here. Others don’t know about it or don’t have a need for it if they don’t have ST.

is the app ligit?

If you look at the creator, it seems to be his name. The apps website goes to the webCoRE community. Appears to be real. Only way to know for sure is by asking on the community page or ask the developer here.

Yes its real, I think/thought it was beta testing release. The main feature is presence detection (as alternative to using the ST app). The UI basically just shows the WebCoRE dashboard. There is an iOS version too.


Yeah, the app is legit :slight_smile: @kevin is absolutely right. It is a wrapper to the dashboard and also adds support for presence detection (the phone turns into a presence sensor).


It also lets you set up various locations like home, work, gym, parents etc. Up to 10 locations.
You can then see when people are arriving / leaving those locations.
It is legitimate and being used in conjunction with the WebCoRE app.


Please refer to this thread


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