Device handlers- smartthings- and - Google home

So I am kinda new to this all. I have a Google home and a bunch of things connected to smart life. I purchased a Samsung connect for its hub feature cause I got it for like 30bux. So long story short I used device handlers- in order to use xiaomi aqara sensors. Specifically the temperature and humidity one. Soooo it works on the classic smartthings app but doesn’t register on the new app. Also I can’t get it to show up in Google home. So is this normal? Do custom device handlers- no work on Google home or the new smartthings app? So many questions lmao.

  1. new app doesn’t use DTH style custom device handlers. (you’re better off using classic if that’s what you need

  2. this (new/classic app) has nothing to do with this. Google home just simply doesn’t support the sensors that that device exposes. So it won’t show up.

I assume you’re trying to ask GH about temperature… Some have had luck by hacking the device handler to show up as a thermostat which GH DOES support.

A search in the community should show a few threads about this. I have no clue if it will work. Your mileage may vary… :slight_smile:

Thanx for the info! I really appreciate it.:grin: