Device handlers- smartthings- and - Google home

(Anthony Cafazzo) #1

So I am kinda new to this all. I have a Google home and a bunch of things connected to smart life. I purchased a Samsung connect for its hub feature cause I got it for like 30bux. So long story short I used device handlers- in order to use xiaomi aqara sensors. Specifically the temperature and humidity one. Soooo it works on the classic smartthings app but doesn’t register on the new app. Also I can’t get it to show up in Google home. So is this normal? Do custom device handlers- no work on Google home or the new smartthings app? So many questions lmao.

(Nathan Curtis) #2
  1. new app doesn’t use DTH style custom device handlers. (you’re better off using classic if that’s what you need

  2. this (new/classic app) has nothing to do with this. Google home just simply doesn’t support the sensors that that device exposes. So it won’t show up.

I assume you’re trying to ask GH about temperature… Some have had luck by hacking the device handler to show up as a thermostat which GH DOES support.

A search in the community should show a few threads about this. I have no clue if it will work. Your mileage may vary… :slight_smile:

(Anthony Cafazzo) #3

Thanx for the info! I really appreciate it.:grin: