Custom Automation - Period between Sunset and Sunrise

Has anyone had success setting a custom automation that is active between sunset and sunrise? Each time I set the period between accordingly, it always reverts back to Sunrise to Sunset after saving.

I have also tried to set the period between to be 9PM - 6AM, but then I get an error that the end date can’t be before the start date.

Have you set the location for your hub? Hopefully, you are using the SmartThinas Classic app. In it, click the More tab in the bottom menu, then click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and set your location.

Have both the new and old apps installed, just checked in both and locations are set correctly for the hub. I’ve been trying to create the custom automation in the new app, but will maybe try in the old.

yeah, this doesn’t seem to work with custom automation in the new app. Try Smart Lighting or another smart app in the new or classic app.

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What’s funny is it used to work. I set this up before the latest update.

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Support said something about releasing an update over the weekend that improved the period between options, but sounds like the broke some stuff in the process…Thanks for the confirmation that it isn’t something on my end.

pushing updates over the weekend :rage:

Hey. I’m having this problem currently on STSC. Anyone else?

I’m having the same problem. I worked with 2nd level support and they were able to replicate the issue and said that is just how it is. Sounded like “its supposed to be that way”, but really was “oh yeah, we see the same thing - best solution ‘don’t do that’”.

Really hoping this can be fixed soon - this is a pretty serious limitation for automations I’m wanting to do. It clearly was designed in the GUI to allow a Time period that has sunset or sunrise at one end and a specific time at the other, but doesn’t allow it. Always auto changes it to Sunrise to Sunset. Rarely would I ever do a sunrise to sunset. A sunset to fixed time or fixed time to sunrise are the critical ones.

I’m grappling with the same problem. Keeps reversing my before and after!!!

So much for 2nd line support … this is what Samsung says…

    • Tap on the Automations tab
  • Tap Add
    • For iOS, tap the plus icon
  • If you have more than one Location, select the desired Location
  • Tap Custom Automation
  • Tap to add a Condition
    • Tap Based on the time of day to select a specific time or period for the Automation to run.
      • Tap Specific time to select a single specific time and the days of the week.
      • Tap Period of time to select a time window with a specific start date and end date, or the days of the week.
      • Tap Sunrise or Sunset to use your Location’s geolocation settings to trigger at sunrise or sunset. (Optional: Set a time offset of up to 60 minutes before or after sunrise or sunset)

It keeps flipping mine from BEFORE to AFTER. Why would I want to turn lights on 45 minutes AFTER sunset.

Thank you for validating that I am not doing it wrong. This is definitely a bug which has been reported for quite some time.

Just checked with the latest app upgrade and this still doesn’t seem to be fixed :confused: