Automations with Sunset/Sunrise minutes before/after broke

You can no longer set automations in the new app like you could in the classic app. When trying to set time on an automation, for example, Automation run from sunrise to 19 min before sunset, it will not allow you to select two different times if you want it minutes before or after the opposing time. I have tried pressing day on the sunrise then night on the sunset but it will just change from sunrise to 19 min before sunrise, or sunset to 19 minutes before sunset. See attachments.

I’m not sure what you are doing. You choose either Day or Night, to get sunrise and sunset the right way around, then you can set the offset before or after the start and end sun event by clicking on each in turn.

Maybe it is just broke on iOS, guess I forgot to add that.

hmmm… I have iOS 13.3, iPhone XS and it’s working just as @orangebucket’s screenshots above.

It looks slightly different, but it works. You do have to tap on everything - Time > Period of Time > Day > Change minutes > End > Change minutes > Save

I think what you’re trying to do is press “Day” and “Night” to change to from sunRise to sunSet… All that seems to do is change which comes first. Try it again!

Nope, it isn’t that. As soon as you try and change the time “before sunset” it changes to “before sunrise” and you can’t select sunset again. See video.


Also if I try the same as the screenshot above it changes to sunset, notice the end time line.

Okay yep! I don’t know what happened, but it started happening the same on my side.

I have no idea how to replicate triggering it… All I can do is be a backup voice saying you’re not crazy. :frowning_face: