Sunset to sunrise automations not working at all (for months now)

I have the smartthings wifi router model and I have contacted support numerous times with no solution so I thought I would try here. So an example of an automation I have is that if the time is between sunset and sunrise and the front door unlocks then I want the entrance light to turn on for 2 minutes. Now I have this as a custom automation, I have had it as a smart lighting automation but there is no option there for the light to turn off after X minutes because I am using a lock and not an open close sensor (I’m sure that could easily be adjusted in the code for the app). Anyways so since that doesn’t work I use a custom automation and about like idk 4+months ago I had everything working just fine but then the automation would NEVER trigger. I tried changing my location and setting it back, nothing worked. Then after contacting support it started working a couple weeks later out of the blue. Hooray! I thought…then I realized the automation now works 24/7. It totally ignores the sunset to sunrise aspect. I have tried using specific times which work but the time intervals fail. I would just manually set a time but apparently you cant have a time interval go past midnight and in between days (LAME). So yea I’m out of options as even smartthings support was dumbfounded. It’s nice that at least it fails to always working I guess but I really want it to only run during the specified interval. My automation that is based on people arriving at night also fails but I can’t tell if that’s time based or presence based. It used to be an issue of both. If anyone has any clue on how to help please suggest anything (except resetting my hub entirely. I’m not going to bother with that)

I am almost certain there is a bug when using sunset to sunrise in Custom Automations in the STSC app. There have been many users reporting a similar issue.

But always a good idea to login into IDE and check that your time zone and sunrise/sunset times are displaying the correct info.

I’m surprised you’re able to set that up in the custom automation creator at all. On iOS, if you pick sunset as the start time, it disables picking sunrise as the end time. Have to use actual time values.

I have confirmed it in the IDE and everything is correct. I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t checked recently, but last I did even a time interval didn’t work.

Yep - if your address or lat/long coordinates are wrong, the sunrise/sunset times will be off - sometimes dramatically so!

Yea it totally would. However the problem has nothing to do with my set location because it is accurate and the ide and everything shows the correct information. I have moved it to a different time zone and then set it back to my location and that didn’t do the trick either.( the method worked before and is a troubleshooting step from support too but it hasn’t fixed my issue)